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EVE Market Deals searches over 1.2 million market orders for items that have a lower selling price than the highest buying price across New Eden in high, low and null security systems.

Profit is calculated by subtracting the sell order price from the buy order price after calculating a 3.6% tax rate when selling to immediate buy orders. Taxes are adjustable based on Accounting and Broker Relation skills available in settings

Web Site

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The Eve Market Deals website is written in python using the Flask framework. The Eve Mark Deals blog is updated periodically as new features are developed.

Eve Market Analysis

Eve Market Deals ingests data using CCP’s ESI to ingest all market orders across New Eden and inserts the data in Elasticsearch. It then matches items selling for less than the highest buy order and publics 6 data sets for high security, low security, and null security, and with or without citadels. Both ingest and analysis is written in Python. And mode detailed explanation is found at https://evemarketdeals.com/blog/how-does-eve-market-deals-work/