Last Time

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Trend data shows if an activity is increasing or decreasing in frequency.

The last time an activity happened and a way to update the last time

The detail view shows when Last Time estimates the next time, its frequency, a timer, how much data to show, and the duration between events including a frequency timeline.

Time of day, day of week, and a list of events.

Options to edit the name, if activity should be done more frequently, optional journal entries and/or track additional data, and the ability to edit events on the timeline.


After tracking an activity a couple of times, Last Time estimates the next time the activity may occur. The more an activity occurs, the more accurate the prediction.

Furthermore, if you want to do more of something, for an activity’s option, if you set want-to-do-more, notifications will occur prior to the estimated time and will be a bit more aggressive.

If notifications are not wanted, they can be turned off globally in Settings, or on a per activity basis. Also, the verbs can be converted to present tense automatically, or disabled.